Are you looking to secure financial freedom for you and your family? Do you seek a career both profitable and fulfilling? Learn more about The Equis Opportunity today and discover why we proudly declare ourselves The Agent’s Company!


World Fidelity Life is powered by Equis Financial, the premier insurance marketing organization for independent insurance agents and agency builders.  Founded by field agents, Equis was designed from the ground up to be the company agents can call home, the company where agents and agency managers can build a career built to last that is both profitable and fulfilling.  The Agent’s Company is much more than a tagline, it’s a promise. Through partnerships with the industry’s best carriers, we bring our agents a portfolio of products that can provide protection to the families we serve so desperately need.

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Speak to a hiring manager today to learn about our Road Map to Success. A proven plan with milestones and promotions guidelines to help you achieve the income goals you desire.  Our  Agent and Agent Management paths are plainly laid out, simple to achieve and sustainable. You choose which path you will like to follow. As an Agent you will facilitate Virtual sales calls to clients who have responded to us for Mortgage Protection and Final Expense needs.  As an Agency Manager you will mentor and coach a team of Agents with the potential to grow as a Sales manager to Executive Marketing Director. The opportunities are endless.


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This training website is designed to equip and empower you to have a fast start in the Life and Mortgage protection industry. The information and tools on this site will prepare you to "DO" the job. As your managers, we are here to help you take these tools and resources to show you "HOW" to be successful in your very first week here with The World Fidelity Group. Under each tab, you will find a brief message explaining what to do to maximize your learning potential and develop the skills needed for success. There are no guarantees for success, but the tools provided here will prepare you for a career to be proud of.

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